A groom’s speech is one of the most important speeches at a wedding. For the groom preparing this speech, it can be nerve-racking creating a speech to deliver to family and friends. While this process can be daunting, we have created a guide below to help you understand everything you need to know about a groom’s speech from start to finish. By reading and understanding the article, we hope to give you the confidence you need to create a memorable wedding speech to be remembered in years to come.

What Is a Groom Speech?

So what exactly is a groom’s speech you may ask? To put it in simple terms, a groom’s wedding speech is a speech that is made by the groom for the wedding party. The speech includes key points such as thanking the guests, the wedding party complimenting the bride and appreciating both sides of the family. In addition, the speech also gives special mentions of important people, and closing toast to wrap up the speech. Essentially a wedding groom speech is a mixture of gratitude, love, and a bit of humour.

What to Say & How to Write a Groom Speech?

Writing a groom’s speech isn’t as hard as you might think. Actually, it’s quite easy providing you understand the structure and what you intend to say. The best way to know what to say is by going back in time and creating a story to share with everyone at your wedding.  To better help you know what to say or write about, here are some important points that support the structure of your groom’s speech. The 7 points below also include what to say and how to write your groom’s speech.

Groom Speech Structure

1. Start by saying thanks to everyone 

For this point, you want to make sure you say a big thank you to all the guests, family and friends at your wedding. Making everyone feel welcome is a great way to acknowledge their presence and support.

2. Don’t forget to compliment the bride

Don’t forget to compliment the bride in your groom’s speech. This is a point which must be included in your speech. Ideally at the beginning of your speech (So you don’t forget) or near to the end of your speech is a good time to share some beautiful words about the bride. Ideally talking about how amazing she looks and how much you love her is a good way to compliment the bride

3. Acknowledge your family and the bride’s family

A quick thank you to both families is always a good move (especially if you want to continue staying in the good books). After all, weddings are about families coming together, so saying a few kind words about the bride’s family and your family is a good way to show respect and acknowledgement.

4. Give a shout out to the best man, bridesmaids & suppliers

It’s always a good idea to recognise and give a shout out to your best man, the groomsmen, bridesmaids and anyone who helped out e.g photographers, coordinators or caterers. A big thank you is enough to recognise their support and efforts.

5. Tell a funny story or joke 

Humour is one way to lighten up your speech. You can consider telling a funny story about how you met the bride or moments you feel the audience will appreciate. It’s also worth reviewing your jokes or story to ensure this won’t offend anyone at the wedding. There’s nothing worse than telling a humorous story or joke or story without anyone laughing.

6. Remember absent friends or family

You may also want to take a moment to recognise those who can’t be at your wedding for various reasons. This could be friends, family or colleagues who can’t make it to your wedding. This point is crucial and also recognises those who can’t be there. If you have any heartfelt stories to tell, this would be a good time to share and engage your wedding guests and family.

7. Wrap up your speech with a toast 

To wrap up your speech, a toast  by raising your glass to the bride, friends and family is a good way to summarise and end your speech. As part of finishing your groom’s speech you may also want to introduce the next person making a speech after the toast.

By following the above advice will not only help you understand what a groom’s speech is but it will also help you write a powerful speech based on a solid structure. Remember, a groom’s speech involves public speaking therefore ensuring your thoughts are structured is a great way to prepare and deliver a speech that compliments your wedding day.  We also recommend practising your groom’s speech over and over to ensure it’s delivered with perfection.