A best man speech has a specific structure which you have to follow. The one I will be teaching you here is based on the structure that I use in all my speeches, but feel free to add your own twists and turns into it.


  • The introduction should be short and sweet. Don’t try to cram too much into the first few lines of your speech.

  • The introduction should be funny if possible. If you can make your audience laugh, that will help them relax and enjoy the rest of your speech.

  • The introduction should be personal, but not too personal. You don’t want to go into details about how much time you spent with the groom or what it was like when he proposed (unless they ask). Instead, focus on something unique about them that shows why they are such good friends and partners in life – maybe they were both born at the same hospital or worked together before becoming a couple?

  • The introduction should be memorable. Don’t just say: “Hi everyone! I am here today to talk about Joe! He is getting married tomorrow! She has asked me…etc etc..etc..and now I am going off topic by telling some jokes because apparently this is what happens during speeches sometimes so yeah let’s get started already shall we??!”

Who are you?

As the best man, you are tasked with welcoming your audience and introducing them to the bride and groom. Begin with a brief self-introduction that includes who you are, how you know the bride and groom, where they met (if relevant), and how long they have been together. You may also want to mention any other unique or interesting facts about your relationship with them.

If there is anyone in attendance who has had a particularly close relationship with one of the wedding party members (such as a college roommate) consider giving a brief overview of that person’s history with the couple—it will be appreciated!

How do you know the bride & groom?

You can talk about their relationship, or how they met. You can talk about the bride’s personality and the groom’s. You could talk about their hobbies, or even the groom’s occupation if you want to show his skills off in front of all the guests!

Your introduction should finish with a short joke or line that paves the way for your speech.

You can start with a joke to break the ice. And you want to finish with one too, because it paves the way for your speech.

Don’t tell a long story about yourself or anyone else – not even if you think it’s funny or will warm people up to you.

Don’t tell a funny story about the bride/groom (or anyone else). It has happened many times before and will happen again: someone gets up and tells an embarrassing anecdote that has nothing whatsoever to do with their best friend’s wedding day, which makes everyone feel uncomfortable because they don’t know how he knows so much about his friend’s wife/husband’s private life. And then there’s awkward silence at the end of the speech as everyone tries not too look at each other in case they seem judgmental…and then someone breaks out into applause anyway!

Body of the speech

  • Talk about the groom.

  • Talk about the bride.

  • Talk about the day.

  • Thank people who have helped out with your speech (family and friends).

  • Use humour throughout!

Tell a story about the groom.

The groom is your friend. He’s a good guy, and you want to talk about that. But don’t get too sentimental; remember, this is a wedding and not a funeral!

Here are some ideas for stories about the groom:

  • A story that makes him laugh: Whether it’s something silly or embarrassing, this is one of the best ways to start off your speech with a bang. It will lighten the mood after all the seriousness of the ceremony, and help set you up for an inspiring ending (and give you an opportunity to steal some laughs).

  • A story that makes him proud: Everyone loves when people say nice things about them—especially if they already know how great they are! Sharing a positive anecdote or two is one way to remind everyone what an amazing human being he really is underneath all those muscles.

Tell a story about the Bride and Groom together.

One of the best ways to make your speech more interesting is by telling a story about the Bride and Groom. The story can be funny, or at least have a humorous twist. It should be short, maybe just one or two sentences long. And it should end with a punchline!

For example: “When I first met John and Teresa, they were both in their 20s and working hard as teachers. But one day, I saw them at this restaurant having lunch together on their day off! They weren’t even dressed up! And it turns out that they had gotten married just the week before! It was so exciting for me because now I get to call them my friends instead of just their coworkers.”

Tell a story about the day.

The best man speech is a unique opportunity to tell your experience of the wedding day. Your speech should include information about what you did before the wedding, during the ceremony and after. You should also reflect on why it was such a special day for you and your future brother-in-law.

You can also thank anyone key people who have helped organise the day and made it special.

You can also thank anyone key people who have helped organize the day and made it special. This might include the bride and groom’s parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, venue staff or photographer. If you want to thank someone specific in your speech (for example if they have done a lot of work for you), be sure to mention their name rather than just referring to them as “the person/people who…”

Remember to tailor your stories and jokes to your audience, don’t embarrass anyone in front of children if there are kids there, and equally don’t use any inappropriate language if there are older guests in attendance.

Remember to tailor your stories and jokes to your audience. Don’t tell a joke about a woman being drunk, for example, if there are children at the wedding. Equally don’t use inappropriate language if there are older guests in attendance.

A best man speech is all about balance, keep it thoughtful and sweet but inject some humour too!

A best man speech is all about balance, keep it thoughtful and sweet but inject some humour too!

The most important thing to remember when giving a best man speech is that it shouldn’t go on for hours. The whole thing should be around 20 minutes long. Remember, the bride and groom have spent months planning their wedding and they want to get the party started as soon as possible! So make sure you don’t make your speech too long or too personal – keep it light-hearted and funny but don’t forget to thank people (and if you can mention any embarrassing stories then even better).


As you can see, there are many ways to write a best man speech. The most important thing is that you make it personal and fun!